Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cracking on!

cracking [ˈkrækɪŋ]
1. (prenominal) Informal fast; vigorous (esp in the phrase a cracking pace)
get cracking Informal to start doing something quickly or do something with increased speed
adv & adj
Brit informal first-class; excellent a cracking good match

Since we got back from holiday I've been cracking on with my 9 patch.  Here's my first block.

And my second!

I'm learning some valuable lessons already.  Now I know it's personal preference to wash your fabric before you use it, in my case it's not an option.  Since I've raided Brioni's stash for my coloured fabric and she always washes it first I really should have washed my background fabric first. I was too antsy to get started you see.  I'm finding that it stretches at a different rate and expands more when ironed.  This makes lining up my points a bit tricky.  

The next one I learned was while watching telly last night.  Bri was trimming her blocks and she asked me if I was doing the same.  "Ummmmm, no.  Why?" I responded.  It seems it makes it much easier to sew them together if they're all the same size and square.  Obvious I know but it just didn't cross my mind.  I'd been measuring them and then sewing them by eye to make up any differences.  Bodging it according to Brioni!  This is what I have so far:

I think it's coming along pretty well so far.  I'm really pleased the colour gradation is working like I planned it!  

Before I head back to the sewing machine, which I'm getting along with quite well thank you very much, I'm going to add a little Photoshop goodie I was playing with.  It may be a future quilt, or maybe not!  Do you recognise what it is?  Extra marks for specific designations!


  1. Its either a slalom snowskier or the starship enterprise. Great quilt so far!

    1. The Enterprise is correct, but no bonus points for WHICH Enterprise.

      Thanks! The top is done now, just need to blog it.

  2. It's definitely the Enterprise -- I'm going to guess it's the original series one, because of how flat the disc is, but since I've really only watched TNG in the last ten years, I expect I'm probably wrong. :)

    1. You're half right so you get one bonus point!