Thursday, 14 August 2014

Instagram Mini Quilt Swap! #IGminiswap

Hello everyone!

It's been an age since I've blogged but life always gets in the way and media moves on.  I'm far more active on Instagram than I am here or on Flickr these days. You can find me there (and on Twitter) as @curly_boy1

And that's why I'm here today!  I'm setting up a mini quilt swap via Instagram, but I still needed someplace to have all of the basic info in one place.  So, here it goes:

First off, this will be the first swap I've ever set up.  I've been involved with them but only as a swapper.  Because of this I ask you all to be gentle, I'm sure there will be hiccups along the way.  I want this to be an International swap so you must be prepared to stump up the postage cost.  You may not need to depending on how the praticipants pair up but you should certainly be willing to.  I really have no idea what the interest in this swap is likely to be.  For that reason I'm initially limiting it to 100 people (well, 99 including me).  If there is substantially more interested then I may try and recruit some help in order to accommodate everyone, or I'll just run with the hundred.  Mostly I want this swap to be fun for everyone!  One path to this is to not get burdened down with rules so I have only 10:

The Rules-
  1. You must be on Instagram.  The tag for the swap is #IGminiswap
  2. You MUST fill out the registration form on Google Docs to enter.
  3. Quilts must be no larger than 24” in any dimension, and no smaller than 18” in any dimension.  Quilts must be quilted, bound, and labelled.
  4. Please use nice quality, modern, 100% cotton fabrics to the tastes of your partner.
  5. This is a blind 3-way swap.  Your partner will know who you are and make for you but you won’t know who they are until it arrives.  You will make for someone else.
  6. You will be supplied with enough info to stalk your partner and find out what they like.
  7. Deadline for joining is the 1st of September or 100 people, whichever comes first.
  8. Mailing deadline will be the 1st of December for International and the 8th for Local.  Let’s get the quilts home in time for Christmas!
  9. PLEASE do not sign up if you are going to blob!!  I will hunt you down.  If you DO sign up and unforeseen circumstances happen, please get in touch with me sooner rather than later.
  10. HAVE FUN! 
That's it, 10 easy rules for a fun swap.  

Hope you join up, I'm looking forward to swapping with you!

****  Edit  ****

The swap is filling up fast with 40 slots of 100 filled in just two hours!  Thanks so much everyone.  As soon as 100 is reached I'll start matching partners so every one will get a few extra weeks of stalking, planning, and sewing time! 

****  Edit  ****

The swap has filled so fast, 100 in just 3 hours, I've called in some help and am raising the limit to 200!  Thanks all of you for showing such interest! 

****  Edit  ****

Holy cow!  Due to so many more people wanting to sign up past 200 I've enlisted the help of a bunch of other folks to help so I have now reopened the swap to sign ups!

****  Edit  ****

Sign ups are now closing at 3pm UK time on Thursday the 21st.  Spread the word!