Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I need to start off by saying that I am a huge science fiction geek.  I put some of it down to my being born during the Apollo 9 mission and the bulk of it to my mum being a massive science fiction fan too.  I was weened on the original Star Trek series.  This means that 90% of what I read and watch is science fiction. I'm no fan boy though.  I can't see the logic (giggle) in going to conventions, getting autographs, or immersing myself in the minute details of a made up universe.

Today I saw Prometheus.   I usually don't go to see movies because I'm mostly disappointed.  Today was no different.  The movie WAS visually stunning, especially in 3D.  This scene:

looked stunning.  The whole approach to 3D in this film was very well done.  It was used to create space and environments with very little of the "things flying at you" elements.  

The story was pretty dire however.  The characters weren't engaging, the plot was derivative and predictable, and the ending was just silly.  

Worst of all, it cost me £9.60.  £9.60?!  Ouch.  It was £6.60 for the early showing, plus £2 for 3D and £1 for the glasses which I could keep.  When I rate movies I don't give them stars, I say how much I would have been happy spending to see it.  This was a £5 movie, no more.

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  1. Oh no! I was kind of hoping it would be big and epic and awesome, because I was intrigued. Hmph. I guess I'll wait for video!