Monday, 11 June 2012


raid  (rd)
1. A surprise attack by a small armed force.
2. A sudden forcible entry into a place by police: a raid on a gambling den.
3. An entrance into another's territory for the purpose of seizing goods or valuables.

I have performed a raid on Brioni's stash.  The bulk of it came out of her scrap bin, but some of the colour transitions needed to come from (gasp!) big pieces.  

As I'm new to this game I have no idea who made, designed, or produced these fabrics.  They may be common or very rare and special.  All I care about is that I have a pretty good colour transition from one end to the other.  The only thing stopping me now is the approval of the Stash Boss.  She also needs to give me her spare cutting matt, roller cutter, and ruler.  Oh, AND show me how to use them without trimming my nails in the process.  Sure, I use power tools when I'm at work but that roller cutter looks sharp!  The last thing I need to do before I get started is to trot down to my local fabric shop and get some backing fabric in black.

The other thing I baggied are these:

Bri was going through a stack of fabric she acquired and she wasn't too keen on these so I snapped them up.  They'll make a good start to my own stash!  I had to look at the selvedge to find out what they are.  They're called "Dreaming in French Collection" but I have no clue where they're from.


  1. well well well so the rumours of CB having a go in the sewing room are true...look out world, here comes another straight mail quilter

  2. Lol@ "straight male quilter"!

  3. Those colours flow really well :-)
    fingers still and do not fidget,
    best way known to keep your digits
    Good luck